About Us

“Is there a dummies book for these things?”

During my nearly 20 years in software development –  I was asked that question hundreds of times.    I also heard “I just need to figure it out.”

That’s why I created My Smartphone Tutor.

Just like our brains; most people aren’t using more than 10% of what today’s smartphones can do.  They can help you keep up and manage your busy schedule, store your entire music library, help you record and save precious memories, and even help you pay your bills.  They truly are incredible.

My Smartphone Tutor is here to teach you to use your Android smartphone so you can enjoy life more.  I’m not here to spew out a bunch of techno jargon about gigabytes, megapixels, and cache.

I hope to help you get organized, capture and share your greatest moments, bust out some tunes when the time is right, and help you plan the perfect night out with your significant other.  That’s what today’s smartphones are capable of.

I started “My Smartphone Tutor” to be a hub of How-To’s and Tips & Tricks for Android based smartphones.  And although My Smartphone Tutor is relatively small now.  Every day I add more and more posts filled with tips, tricks, and how-to’s for devices running the Android OS.

Let me help you conquer your smartphone so you can truly enjoy all that it can do.

I hope you enjoy your stay and that you find the information you’re looking.


P.S. Questions about My Smartphone Tutor? Feel free to contact me at jack@mysmartphonetutor.com