Everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in January 2017

Throughout January, Amazon is adding just under 30 movies & television series to the large library already available to Amazon Prime Members.  Below is the full list with links to the plot summary for each one.

Right now, we’re between the seasons for televisions series.   So there is nothing on.  I mean nothing.  Thankfully, we have a some decent options coming to us via Amazon.

The Infiltratorcoming to Amazon Prime on January 3rd, looks like a must see for Bryan Cranston fans.

I kind of want to watch Dirty Grandpa.  My wife has no desire.  Just like she’ll want to see The Choice by Nicholas Sparks – which I would rather skip.  Fortunately, we have enough devices that we can each watch our own thing until the shows we watch together – come back on.

In case you forgot, you can download shows from Amazon to your device and take it with you.

As I was creating this list I saw Swiss Army Man. It sounds… interesting?  I’m not sure if its supposed to be a comedy or an intense drama similar to Cast Away with Tom Hanks.  Check out the Swiss Army Man plot summary and let me know what you think.

January 2017 Amazon Prime Video List

January 1st

January 3rd13th

January 17th-30th


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