How To Change The Email Signature on Your Galaxy S5

By Jack Armijo | Basics

How To Change The Email Signature on Samsung Galaxy S5

What’s in a signature?  John Hancock understood that your signature represents who you are.

It’s your legacy.  Your brand.   What will your signature say about you?

This post walks you through creating an Email Signature for a Non-Gmail account.  This articles provides step-by-step instructions on creating an Email Signature for your Gmail Account.

First open your email app.

GS5 Email App Selected

Tap on the 3 Dots menu in the upper right corner and then tap on Settings

GS5 Email Settings

Tap on the Name of the email account you wish to add a signature too.

GS5 Email Account List

On the Manage Account screen tap on the account name again

GS5 Manage Email Accounts

Tap on Signature

GS5 Email Account Settings

Tap on Edit Signature

GS5 Email Signature


Using the keyboard erase the existing signature and add your own.  Tap on Done to save your new signature

GS5 Email Signature Edit


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(20) comments

Yadi October 7, 2014

Worked likea charm!
Thank you!

    Jack Armijo October 7, 2014

    You’re very welcome. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with on your Galaxy S5.

Juan November 10, 2014

Hi Jack,

It’s there any way to use a html signature?

Thanks in advance

    Jack Armijo November 11, 2014

    Hey Juan,
    I’ve tried a couple of different ways to store a HTML signature in the Gmail Android app and none of them have worked. But, I’ll continue searching and will keep you updated.

    Thanks for the question.

    Jack Armijo December 21, 2014

    I’ve continued to look around but have not found a way to use an HTML signature within the Gmail Android App.

    It would be best if the Gmail Android App would just use the signatures we’ve set in the Gmail web app but that’s not yet the case.

    Please let me know if you find a solution before I do.


jim December 20, 2014

I have several email accounts and have setup different signatures for different accounts. However only the signature for the default account seems to be used. It does not change when I change the account it is sent from. Is there a way to fix that?

    Jack Armijo December 21, 2014

    Hey Jim,
    Honestly, the ideal solution would be for the Gmail app on Android to use the signatures you’ve put into the Gmail Web app. But that’s not yet the case.

    In the Gmail app you can set a signature for each account that you’re syncing. You’ll have to set the signatures separately for each account on your phone.

    On your Android smartphone:
    – Tap on the 3 bars menu icon in the upper left corner in the gmail app.
    – Scroll down and tap on settings. Then tap on the account you want to set the signature for.
    – Each account should be listed and allow you to set a signature for each one.

    Hopefully Google is working on syncing signatures between the Android app and the Gmail web app.

    I hope this helps,

Yoav April 20, 2015

very clear and easy with the attached pictures

Samantha April 23, 2015

Hi, I am having an email issue and thought maybe you could help me too. When I forward emails (exchange server) from my Samsung Galaxy S5 they arrive in the recipient’s email as rich text (not HTML). For the life of me I cannot find any setting to change this? Any idea? Thanks!

Iftikhar U Haq July 2, 2015

Thanks, it was helpful. Regards.

Charles September 10, 2015

worked well however when I tested he signature it was preceded by <div and ended with </div

any ideas on what to do

    Jack Armijo September 10, 2015

    Did you copy and paste your email signature?

      Bobby July 16, 2016

      I have the same issue and I manually entered the data for my signature. Any ideas?

Sara September 28, 2015

I’m trying to create a signature for email through an exchange server. Do you know what the maximum number of characters is that I can use on an S5? I keep exceeding it!!

Pat November 15, 2015

that was the absolute best, simplest teaching I have ever seen for doing anything on my S5. Thank you so much!!!!

Tammy March 2, 2016

Was it ever resolved how to get signature on Gmail with fonts and or pictures. Using jpeg or png format?

Lesley Dewar May 9, 2016

I have set up the signature, and I am using a Bigpond account, not GMail.
It will not allow me to send unless I have a “key” – a private key.
Any ideas?

Penny November 5, 2016

Is there any way of changing the font or color of the signature so it stands out?

    Jack Armijo November 9, 2016

    Hi Penny,
    Unfortunately no, Google has not added any HTML or Rich Text Options for Gmail for Android. As soon as they do, I’ll update the tutorial.

    Your Smartphone Tutor,

Peter James December 22, 2016

Jack – re Jim’s Q on Dec 20, 2014:
Yr reply described how to create multiple signatures, but it didn’t address his reported problem of the Android email app always choosing to use the signature for the default address, no matter which address was actually being used to send the email.
When I start composing an email, it uses the default address, and if I scroll down, the signature associated with that account is shown. If I change the account “manually” in the “drop-down” panel at the From: line, the signature doesn’t update.
OTOH, if I change the default account in settings, or elsewhere, before I start composing the email then the signature for that other account is shown, as I would expect.
Is this standard behaviour?

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