Introduction To Android Smartphones

A Non-Techie Intro to Your Android Smartphone

Is this your first smartphone?  Do you believe you need A LOT of instruction beyond the quick start guide?

Or maybe you’ve been intimidated to purchase and use a smartphone, because it seemed like a whole new concept to learn, which you don’t want to do.

My smartphone tutor was created to help you get started with your new Android smartphone.  You can do so much on today’s smartphones and because of that many people are intimidated by them.  You can do it, I can help.  Here are couple of articles to get you started.

First take a few minutes to learn how to interact with the touchscreen.

A big benefit of today’s smartphones is the huge high resolution screens so if you’re having trouble seeing something, just zoom in and out.  This works especially well  on pictures, webpages, and maps.

You can even increase the size of the font in your texting app using that same technique.

Make Your Smartphone Match Your Personality

Finding just the right picture and ringtone for family and friends is a great way to personalize your Android smartphone.  And besides its just fun.  Who couldn’t use a little more fun these days.

Go here to learn how to add a contact.  Then add some of your personality by adding a picture to that new contact.  While you adding their picture set a unique ringtone for them as well.

Share Your Stuff Easily From Your Android Smartphone

Texting is one of the easiest ways to share quick updates with family and friends.  You can even send group texts for when you want to share the cutest picture ever.

Before flooding your peeps with lengthy text messages you should learn the lingo. This will keep you from looking like a total newb (short for newbie aka rookie).

After you’ve been texting a bit you might start seeing little smiley faces in the texts.  Those little guys are called emoticons or emoji.  They’re great for adding a little fun to your messages.

The Music You Love In The Palm Of Your Hand

Converting from an iPhone? You’ll find step-by-step instructions to convert your entire iTunes library over to Google’s Play Music App.  The Google Play Music App is usable on all Android phones.  Take your entire music library with you as you convert from the dark side 😉

Looking For More?

Beginners Guide To Smartphones

Learn all about the most used features on your Android Smartphone.  The features you’ll use EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Each lesson includes step-by-step instructions with large full color screen shots.

If you’re frustrated with trying to figure out your Android Smartphone on your own then The Beginner’s Guide To Smartphones is what you need.

Learn More


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Is There Anything Else?

I’ve got a small YouTube Channel where I show you step-by-step how to complete some of the most common tasks on your Android Smartphone.  I admit, there’s not a ton there yet; but I’m working on growing it significantly over the next few months.

You can also find My Smartphone Tutor on Facebook and Google +.  Honestly, I haven’t quite figured out how best to use these services.  I’ll keep updating those pages until I figure out the best way to get you the content you want out there.

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