NETFLIX Adds Offline Viewing

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Netflix Adds Offline Viewing For Android Smartphones

Netflix has added offline viewing so you can download shows and movies to your Android or IOS device.  This way you can watch downloaded shows when you’re not connected to a wi-fi network.

Since this is an Android website, I’ll be walking you through how to download and watch shows on your Android smartphone or tablet.  Sorry IOS guys; you gotta look somewhere else #sorrynotsorry

Allowing you to download and watch shows while offline comes at the perfect time.  Even if you’re holiday trip goes perfectly, there’s still plenty of downtime between locations.  In most cases there are delays.

Having a few episodes of your favorite show without exposing yourself to being hacked by using sketchy public wi-fi or amassing overage charges can be a true sanity saver.

Nothing says I don’t want to talk to you, Mr. Creepy-Coffee-Breath-Close-Talker, like a pair of headphones.

Have you seen the full list of everything coming to Netflix this December?  Here’s the full list with links to the IMDB description page for each title.

Latest Version Of The Netflix App

Besides having a Netflix account, you must have the latest version of the app.  If you’ve already installed Netflix, make sure its been updated.  If you don’t have the app, well then you’ll get the latest version when you download it from the Play Store.

Here’s a shortcut to the Netflix app download page. You know, cause I’m helpful like that 😉

When you first launch the latest version of the Netflix App you’ll get a full screen notification on the new feature.

You have 2 options.  Tap on OK to go to a general browse of Netflix.  Or tap on Find Something To Download.  Then you’re taken to the Available Downloads page

How To Download Netflix Shows for Offline Viewing


A show that can be downloaded will have the Download icon next to it.

How To Download Netflix Shows for Offline Viewing

Tapping the Download icon will present you with 2 notifications that your show is downloading.  The blue square inside the circle which is the progress indicator.  Also, the big blue notification bar across the bottom of the screen.

How To Download Netflix Shows for Offline Viewing

Not Everything Can Be Downloaded

Initially when creating this tutorial I skipped the “Find Something To Download” option on the first screen.  I found Daredevil and was planning to take a screenshot showing you how to download it.  That’s when I realized, not everything is available for download and offline viewing.

Notice the missing download icons on this screen for Daredevil.

How To Download Netflix Shows for Offline Viewing

Watching Your Downloaded Shows

To watch your downloaded shows, tap on the 3 lines icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

How To Download Netflix Shows for Offline Viewing

Tap on My Downloads

How To Download Netflix Shows for Offline Viewing

Downloadable shows for offline viewing available through Netflix.  That my friend is how you’re going to survive the holiday travel season.

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