How To Show Off Your Galaxy S5 And Make iPhone Owners Jealous

By Jack Armijo | Galaxy S5

How To Show Off Your Samsung Galaxy S5

You made the switch from an iPhone to the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

But you’re not quite sure how to respond when your old iPhone friends ask you how you like it?

I mean you don’t really want to admit that switching was a mistake.

You can see the potential in the Galaxy S5.  And that huge brilliant display is so easy to read.


its all so different.


Next time you’re asked how you like it.  Show your friends a few of these power user features.  I promise they’ll see the potential too.

1. Scroll Through Pictures With A Wave Of Your Hand

It almost appears magical as you wave your hand a few inches above the screen of your Galaxy S5.  With each wave a new picture appears on the screen.

Someone asks you go back to a previous picture.  You wave your hand over the screen in the opposite direction.  Scrolling back through the pictures to find the one they want.

For this “magic trick” to work Motion and Air Gestures need to be on.  So go to Settings by swiping down on the Notifications bar.

Tap on the Gear Icon

Galaxy S5 Settings Menu Icon

Scroll down and tap on Motions and Gestures

Galaxy S5 Motions and Gestures Settings Menu

Make sure that Air Browse is turned on.  Once Air Browse is on; can do this “trick” any time.

Galaxy S5 AirBrowse Settings for Apps

Now open your Gallery App.

Gallery App Icon on Galaxy S5

Tap on a single picture to open it and then wave your hand over the sensor at the top of your screen.  The sensor is the 2 circles next to the speaker you place your ear next to when on a call.

Gesture Sensor on Samsung Galaxy S5

Swipe you hand back and forth across the sensor to scroll left and right through your picture gallery without touching the screen.  Feel free to use magic words like Abracadabra or Ala Kazam to really increase the jealousy level of your iPhone owning buddies.

Here’s a video showing you exactly how to do the steps outlined above.

2. Easiest Way Ever To Take A Screen Shot

Taking a screen shot by waving your hand over the the screen is so much easier than trying to push the Home key and Power button at the same time.

Just like in the first tip – make sure Air Gestures are turned on.  See the steps outlined in the first tip on how to do that.

Now wave your hand over the sensor to take a screen shot.  You should hear the sound of the camera like you just took a picture.

In the notification bar in the top left corner.  You will see a notification that the screen shot has been saved.

Screenshot Notification in Notifications Bar on Samsung Galaxy S5

Open the gallery app to find screen shots.

GS5 Gallery App


Tap on the screenshots album to view all your screen shots

Screenshots Album in the Galaxy S5 Gallery App

Swipe through your screenshots using the first tip “Scroll Through Your Picture Gallery With The Wave Of Your Hand

3. Shoot An Ultra High Def 4k Video

Ultra High Definition video is all the rage today.  How cool is it that you can shoot Ultra High Def video using your Galaxy S5?  Wouldn’t you think you would need some high dollar commercial grade video recorder to do this?

Quick note; this feature takes up a lot of disk space on your Galaxy S5.  Just make sure you’ve got some room before you go showing this to iPhone owners.

Worried about having enough storage space; consider getting a SD Card to expand the storage on your Galaxy S5.

Open the Camera App.

Galaxy S5 Camera App Icon

Tap on the Gear icon in the lower left corner to open the camera settings.

Camera Settings Icon on Galaxy S5

Tap on Video Size. It might say Full HD on the icon.

Video Recording Quality Icon in Camera App on Galaxy S5

Tap on UHD 3840×2160.

Video Recording Quality Setting in Camera App on Galaxy S5

Use the Back Arrow key to back out of the settings. Now tap on the Video record icon to start recording.

Video Recording Icon in Camera App on Samsung Galaxy S5

Sell the rights to your new Ultra High Def movie and retire to a tropical island.

4.  Built In Heart Rate Monitor

Your Galaxy S5 is the only smartphone on the market with a built in heart rate monitor.  The next time your friends are talking about how great the iPhone is. You can remind them of what their iPhones can’t do.

To measure your heart rate open the Samsung Health App (S Health). If you’ve not created a Samsung Account before you’ll most likely have to do that and create a profile in S Health.

Samsung's S Health App Icon

Once you’ve made it through the profile and the disclaimers.  Taking you’re heart rate is very simple.

In S Health tap on Heart Rate.

Heart Rate Checker Icon in S Health App

Put you index finger over the scanner on the back of your Galaxy S5.  Its built into the flash just below the camera lense.

Heart Rate Sensor on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S5

In a few seconds you’ll have your heart rate.

Heart Rate Reading Display

 5. Use Your Galaxy S5 With Gloves On

Its not really glove wearing season right now.  But in a few months you’ll love this feature.  You could wear those gloves with the silver thread on the finger tips. But they tend to be ugly.

Start by opening the Settings menu by pulling down on the Navigation bar

Tap on the Gear Icon

Settings Menu Icon on Samsung Galaxy S5

Scroll down and tap on Display

Display Menu in Settings App

The last option under Display is Increase Touch Sensitivity.  Check the box to turn it on.

Touch Sensitivity Setting on Samsung Galaxy S5

Now you can use your Galaxy S5 with any gloves you like.

6. Its Water Proof

There’s not much to do here.  Your Galaxy S5 has received a IP67 rating stating that its passed tests making it water resistant up to 3 feet.  Just make sure the charge flap is closed securely at the bottom of your GS5.

Charge Cover on Samsung Galaxy S5

Just to be clear.  You shouldn’t try and take underwater pictures with your GS5.  But if you’re by the pool and accidently drop it.  You should be fine as long as you get it quickly.  No additional cases or hardware necessary.  Sweet!!!

7. Take A Picture Using Voice Commands

This tip shows you just how far voice commands have come.  Hopefully, you’ve embraced the voice commands. Google has done a excellent job trying to make voice commands easy on us.  I’m always shocked at what all you can do with the power of your voice.   Totally geeking out here!!!

For this tip open the Camera App

Camera App Icon on Homescreen

Tap on the Gear icon in the lower left corner (in landscape mode)

Camera Settings Icon on Galaxy S5

Scroll down and find Voice Commands and turn it on.

GS5 Camera Voice Settings

Once you turn it on you’ll see this little popup screen. This tells you the voice commands your Galaxy S5’s camera app can understand.

GS5 Camera Voice Settings 2

Tap on the X in the upper right corner to close the popup.  Now tap the Back Arrow to return the camera app

Now you just have to say ” Cheese” to take a picture.  This is fun to do while your iPhone friends are looking through the app store for an app that can do this too.

The Next Big Thing

The Galaxy S5 has tons of shortcuts and innovative features that making it a blast to play with.  Hopefully, after playing with some of the tips above you are starting to feel more comfortable using your Galaxy S5.

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Vance berreth December 15, 2014

The galaxy s5 is NOT water proof. It is water resistant!

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