The Easiest Way To Convert iTunes for Your Android Smartphone

By Jack Armijo | Android

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the HTC One, a LG, a Motorola Droid or the Samsung Galaxy S5.  If you’re coming from an iPhone you’ve got an iTunes library that you want to bring with you.

I’ve had a couple of people tell me that they’ve considered switching to an Android Smartphone.  But they have so much invested in iTunes that it keeps them from trying out one of the great devices Android has to offer.

Here is the easiest way to copy your entire iTunes library (including playlists) to your new Android Smartphone.

Get Google’s Music Manager

Use this link to download Google’s Music Manager to the PC that your iTunes music library is on.

Once the download is finished locate and click on the file “musicmanagerinstaller.exe”

If you’re using Google Chrome for your Internet Browser then you should see it at the bottom of the screen.  Click on it right there to start the install process.


If you’re using Internet Explorer you should see a message across the bottom of your screen.  Click on Run to install Music Manager using Internet Explorer

GoogleMusicInstall 1

If you do not have a download showing at the bottom of your internet browser than you might need to go to your Downloads folder.  You access your downloads folder through Windows Explorer.

Click on Downloads to open the folder.  Double click on the file “musicmanagerinstaller.exe” to start the install process.


Click on the Run button


When installation is complete click on the Close button


You may be asked to sign-in to your Gmail account at this point.  Enter your Gmail email account and your Password.


Where Do You Keep Your Music Collection?

Make sure iTunes is selected from the list of music file locations.


Now tell Google Music Manager what all you want to import from iTunes.  I would recommend selecting “Upload All Songs and Playlists”


If you’re planning on purchasing additional music from iTunes then I recommend you say yes on this next screen.


Once you’ve finished setting up the process to transfer your music from iTunes to Music Manager.  You’ll need to know how to get to Music Manager in the future.  By default Music Manager will load when you PC starts up.  You can quickly get to Music Manager by clicking on the Orange Headphones icon in the lower right corner of the Start Bar on your PC.


Copying Your Library to Music Manager

Now Music Manager is starting the upload process.  All you have to do is wait.


Music Manager will continue to upload you library in the background.  In the meantime you can start listening to the music that is already uploaded.  Click on “Go To Music Player

This is the screen in your browser where you can manage you music library.  The great thing about it being Internet based is that you can access you music library from any PC, Smartphone, or Table that has an internet connection.


How long it takes to upload and process you music library will depend on the size of your library.

Google tries to make the upload process as quick as possible.  If you have a song or album that already exists in Google’s music library then they simply add their copy to your library instead of uploading another copy.  If you have a song or album that is not in Google’s library then they have to upload the actual file from your PC.

Next Steps

You’ve just finished converting from iTunes to Music Manager.  In the next article I’ll show you how to access your music on your Android Smartphone.


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tamara j wagner April 19, 2016

Great instructions.

Liz May 12, 2016

Will my music still be in my iTunes library also?

Liz May 12, 2016

Will my music still be in my iTunes library also? I have Itunes on my pc and I would like to still keep it there as well as on my android phone.

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