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No matter what type of party you’re hosting.  I’ve compiled the ultimate list of party playlists.  From New Years to kids birthday’s to Christmas.  If you can’t find a starting point for your ultimate party playlist here; then its not available.

Need help creating a playlist on your Android smartphone.  Here’s my guide for creating a playlist in Google’s Play Music App.

New Years Eve Party

Hosting a New’s Year Eve party for your teenagers.  Seventeen magazine has put together the ultimate party playlist for your crowd.

Dance into 2015 with these 17 ultimate party songs!

Rocking a Rhapsody subscription?  They’ve put together a wide range of hits from 2014 into their New Years Playlist.


 Prefer Country Music over all that teenybopper noise.  Here is a list of the top Country Party Songs.

The Best Country Party Songs — A Playlist

And if you’re prefer a retro feel to your New Years party dance mix – All Music has your covered.

Various Artists 100 Hits: New Years Eve Party

 Valentines Day

Connor Finnegan’s article covers 3 different Valentines Day playlists compiled by Spotify.  From the Top Love Songs in the US, to the Perfect Love Songs, to empowering jams inspired by celebrated single lady Bridget Jones.  No matter your mood this Valentine’s Day one of these lists has you covered.

Spotify Unveils Valentine’s Day Playlists for Soulmates and Singles

Country Weekly put together their favorite list of Country Music’s Love Songs. Unfortunately, the post links to the songs in iTunes.  So you’ll have to use it as a reference if you want to rebuild the list in Spotify or Google’s Play Music.

Our Favorite Country Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Sick of the same ole sappy love songs.  Independent “take no prisoners, cleave to no dogma, and tell it like it is” online newspaper; Mother Jones has you covered with 10 songs to replace the oh so typical love songs.  Each song on the list includes a reason it sucks with a suggested replacement.  An enjoyable review regardless.

10 Songs to Redeem Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

Askmen magazine put together their top 10 list for Valentines days as well.  See what one of the most popular online mens magazine considers the best Valentines day jams.

The Playlist: Valentine’s Day 2014

Children’s Birthday Party

Looking for a playlist to show the short people in your life that you’re still a cool and hip parent.  Parenting magazine has compiled a list of songs to get you started.

Party Playlist

Today’s Parent has pulled together a list of Playlists to cover any party situation you might have.  You’ve got to be able to find something here to help you rock out your little persons celebration.

Kids’ songs: The best playlists on Songza

July 4th pulls together a great list of of songs that evoke that patriotic spirit. Ranging from classic Beach Boys, to folksy James Taylor.  R.O.C.K in the USA by Mellencamp and some rocking Gospel.  This list has you covered.

A hip, patriotic playlist for July Fourth

Billboard’s list of July 4th songs  is made of entirely of songs with ‘America’ or ‘U.S.A’ in the title.  There are some great classics and a few that aren’t so patriotic like Green Day’s American Idiot.  As always take the ones you like and create your own version of the ultimate apple pie and freedom play list.

20 Awesome ‘America’ Songs

I don’t necessarily consider myself a true country music fan but there’s no denying that country artists capture the feel of patriotism and a love of America like no one else.  Here is Spotify’s list of Country Music hits for your July 4th party.  Blake Shelton’s Kiss My Country Ass just makes me smile.

Country Music July 4th Playlist

Punchbowl has created a couple of lists for different types of July 4th parties. Including a list for the small people in your life.

Mix Up Your July 4th Party with a Patriotic Playlist


Billboard put together the top 10 Halloween songs of all time.  My only knock is I wish this this list was longer.  I can totally relate to the jams on this list.

The Top 10 Halloween Songs

As is the way with Apartment Therapy; their list is a little more edgy.  But there are some great picks in this list.

Music for Halloween: The Ultimate Party Playlist

 Nathan Reese at Refinery29 has put together a list of 57 Dance Tracks for the ultimate All Hallow’s Eve dance party. This list is all over the place with tracks from all genres.  Some of the tracks on this list would be great adds to the Billboard list above.

Ear Candy: A 57-Song Playlist For A Dance-y Halloween

Some of my favorite Country Songs of all time are on the list created by Caroline Hallemann.  No Halloween Party mix would be complete without some of these all time greats.

Creepy Country Songs for Your Halloween Playlist


 Epicurious has put together the complete Thanksgiving Day playlist.  There’s 129 songs on this list broken out into 8 separate playlists.  That’s 10 hours of music, allowing you to check one more thing off of your party to-do list.

 Your Ultimate Thanksgiving Playlist: 129 Songs For A Rocking Turkey Day

If you’re a fan of Good Housekeeping then you’ll enjoy their list of 14 Thanksgiving day classics – starting with the Thanksgiving Theme from Charlie Brown.

Thanksgiving Playlist


Huffington Post put together a full spectrum Christmas playlist for you.  No matter your mood or music preference you’ll something here to help you celebrate Christmas Day.

 Christmas Music Playlists: From Classical And Oldies To Salsa And Celebrities


Music can be very personal but like all great things; its better when shared.  Share your favorite playlists in the comments below.

I’ll post all of my playlists as I create them in the comments below as well.  Come back often so you can see what I’m listening too.  Maybe we have more in common that you thought.

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Joe March 30, 2017

Kinda went through a couple of the song lists.The “B” side of Pickett’s Monster Mash was Monsters’ Mash Party. I heard that on the jukebox at the Teen Club back in 1962 at RAF Fairford. I have the CD of Monster Mash. The entire CD was in MONO, which I hate, but have heard the song in STEREO. I then went to the Christmas songs. About 14 years ago I placed about 250 songs on a 4GB microSD card for my S3. If you might be interested Ray Conniff had 3 Christmas LPs now on CD. I grew up on these Christmas songs. Some great memories as an Air Force brat! All 3 of those CDs are on that SD card. By the way that crd was for my personal use ONLY! Have a great day, and thanks for your site. Joe

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